Locally owned since 1972, Akamai Roofing, Inc. is Hawaii’s trusted leader in commercial and residential roofing services.


energy According to the Department of Energy research, a Cool Roof System has the ability to:
1) Greatly reduce your Energy Costs anywhere from 20-70%
2) Reduce the need for future re-roofing
3) Extend the life maintenance of your equipment
4) Reduce air pollution

For example, a Cool Roof System like HydroStop has the ability to scatter over 78% of the sunlight energy radiated on it. This helps to keep your roof cool, save on energy costs, and extend the life of your roof.


reroofing From projects going over existing roofs, to full material removal (tear-offs), Akamai Roofing is a full-service roofing company and can handle any size roofing project. We can install a variety of roofing material for all types of slopes - including, but not limited to - the following examples:
- Pitched Roofs
- Fiberglass Shingles
- Tile - Monier Tile, Spanish Tile, Japanese Tile
- Metal - Standing Seam Metal, Corrugated Metal
- Wood Shake and Wood Shingle
- Low Slope and Flat Roofs
- HydroStop Acrylic Roofing System
- Modified Cap Sheet Systems - Torch-On and Self-Adhered Cap Sheets


restorationWhen planning any type of major home or business renovation, it is best to consult with a roofing professional. We can work with you in providing options on what would be the best type of roof for your renovation budget. Additionally, our maintenance program is designed to protect the investment made on your roof. From premature wear and tear due to lack of proper maintenance, to unforeseen damages that go unprotected - we will check the roof annually for any damages, and repair damages up to the allotted amount covered by your maintenance contract.


RepairsThere are a number of areas that could be potential sites for roof leaks and the need for repairs. Typically, leak sites could be found near drains, protrusions, skylights, vegetation growth, valleys, flashings, old machinery and equipment, rusted metal and plumbing. It is extremely important to keep up with proper maintenance on your roof. Small leak sites could wear down the integrity of your roof and lead to the need for much larger repairs, or ultimately, a complete re-roof.
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